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Nagarjuna PPC Cement

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Buy Nagarjuna Pozzolona Portland Cement (PPC) Online at the Lowest Price from the Authorised Dealers in Bangalore.

Nagarjuna Port Pozzolana Cement can be used in all types of constructions. It prevents rusting of steel reinforcement and resists chloride & sulphate effects, hence it is best suited for coastal areas

Nagarjuna Pozzolona Portland Cement (PPC)

Features :

  • Seventy percent of world's consumption of cement is PPC or blended cement.
  • Gains strength year after year.
  • Extreme plasticity & better workability.
  • Lesser heat of hydration & free of thermal cracks.
  • Resists chloride & sulphate effect. Hence, it is best suited for coastal areas.
  • Prevents rusting of steel reinforcement
  • Smooth finish for wall plastering.
  • Useful for general construction works & especially suitable for works in aggressive environmental conditions employed for water retaining structures, marine works, mass concreting such as dams, dykes, retaining walls foundations, & sewage pipes.
  • PPC can be used wherever OPC is usable under normal conditions including masonry mortars & plastering.


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